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All members in good standing may now set-up their login accounts. Please follow the steps listed below.

1. On the homepage click on apply under the login space.

2. Fill in First Name & Last Name

3. Select "Active" and Select appropriate Rank or Title

4. You may enter your hire date under appointment date.

5. Select your Station and Shift Assignment.

6. Enter your Home mailing address and Phone # of choice.

7. Enter your email address DO NOT USE THE CITY ADDRESS
(free email @ Yahoo, Hotmail, or Google if you do not have another account)

8. Choose which email lists you want.

9. You may add a photo if you want to...not required.

10. Username = your first name(space)last name. (ie. John Smith)

11. Enter and verify the password of your chosing.

12. Enter a signature phrase if you would like one.

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      We prefer you choose YES but it is not mandatory.

14. Enter the security code (It is Case sensitive)

15. Click Request Account.

An email will be sent to the site administrator. Once the information is checked the account will be activated. After the account is activated you will notice an edit profile section under your name. Any changes to your information can be modified here. When you finish with a login session remember to click the logout button for security reasons. If you experience login problems you may send an email through the contact us section.

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